Hermanus Rainbow Trust

The Hermanus Rainbow Trust  has been involved in the impoverished communities of the Overstrand since 1999, with a very successful track record of providing integrated "Community and Social Development" services and support to hundreds of Orphans, Vulnerable Children and Disadvantaged Families. All of their Social Workers, Community Development Assistants and our Social Carers live in Zwelhilwe and are well aware of the challenges.

They are well respected and trusted by the people, especially the children, and are able to continuously assess the activities that are taking place in the communities. This is especially important in the case of abuse of women and children and rape cases, as well as identifying vulnerable people who need support and assistance.

Over the last ten years the Hermanus Rainbow Trust  have managed to customise, streamline and integrate their services and support, based on the community’s requirements and provide a wide range of comprehensive services that target all of the vulnerable groups living in Zwelhilwe.

In support of achieving their Vision of ‘Rebuilding the fabric of society in the impoverished communities of the Overstrand’, their programmes have been specifically developed to focus on the six main problem areas.

Poverty, Malnutrition, Hunger, Child Morbidity, HIV and "Early Childhood Development".

Their flagship programme is ‘Parenting Worx’. This ‘world class’ programme has been developed and implemented in partnership with Stellenbosch University. It focuses on disadvantaged and single parent families with babies and toddlers, as well as pregnant women. The main aim is to provide, life, parenting and ‘early childhood development’ skills to these parents, enabling them to rebuild family structures and prepare their children for a better future.

Urban Tours work closely with the Parenting Works programme, ensuring that the right families are visited and supported through our Township Tours.